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Crypto Wallet

Easy-to-use cryptocurrency payments


The crypto exchange calculator, price in real-time


Trusted cryptocurrency merchant gateway


Instant, easy buy or sell crypto with P2P exchange


Coinpay Wallet

The secure place to store and manage your crypto

Send & Receive

Send crypto anywhere and receive payments from anyone. Sending Bitcoin and Ethereum is as easy as receiving.

Merchant tools

Set up a cryptocurrency payment gateway, track orders, and manage your Bitcoin earnings. Use simple payment buttons, invoices, or a powerful API to receive crypto.


Buy and sell digital currencies using different payment methods. Purchase Bitcoin on Coinpay in real-time. Trade or sell your digital assets for fiat money with others using just live chat.


Calculate cryptocurrency prices using the latest exchange rates. We update and convert exchange rates in real-time.

Bitcoin wallet

BTC wallet that supports all types of addresses


The P2PKH address type is the original BTC address. We support both receiving coins from such addresses and sending payments to this type of address. Addresses of this type start with the number «1».


The advanced Bitcoin address type - P2SH, is also supported by us for both receiving and sending BTC. SegWit addresses start with the number «3».

Native SegWit

This is the latest type of Bitcoin address - Bech32. We use this type of address by default, for receiving and sending payments. Addresses start with «bc1q».

Ethereum wallet

Send, receive, and manage ETH or ERC20 tokens effortlessly

Manage your digital asset portfolio on the Ethereum network. We support numerous ERC20 tokens; simply select your desired asset and generate a crypto address. Your wallet is ready to use with just a few clicks.

Available crypto assets

Here is the list of currencies currently available in the Coinpay wallet.


BTC mainnet network

Bitcoin Cash

BCH mainnet network


LTC mainnet network


DOGE mainnet network


ETH mainnet network


ERC20 token

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