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Easy way to send, receive and hold your cryptocurrency. Instant transfers between Coinpayments users and many features.

Get the most out of your new Bitcoin wallet. Create a business account now to be modern in the cryptocurrency world.

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Make instant of your Bitcoin payments. Send and receive any amount of Bitcoin anywhere in the world. Transactions move immediately between the Coinpay users without banks slowing things down. Useful Bitcoin wallet is able not only to accept and send, but also you can connect any website or social network bot to receive payments. We provide full management and analytics of your payment gateway, and payments are credited immediately to your Bitcoin wallet inside platform.

Keep your bitcoins in a Coinpayments wallet and at the right time, make quick transfers to Coinpay users anywhere in the world or issue digital vouchers insure by your balance.

Coinpayments Wallet very serious about security. Our Bitcoin wallet use SHA-2 SSL, Proof of Solvency, AES user data Encryption, Two-Factor authorization, majority of funds in cold storage.

Coinpayments Wallet is available for many mobile and desktop platforms.
Currently, a Bitcoin wallet is still being built, but you can create a new accounts and invite other users using the affiliate program to make money.

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