Deposit & Withdrawal Fees


  • Incoming payments
  • Unlimited monthly transactions


  • Only Network fee
  • We do not charge a withdrawal commission


  • Merchant API
  • Accept crypto payments on your website or app

No hidden fees ever

Simple pricing for all payments.


For any incoming payment associated with your personal account, we charge a service fee of 0.50%. Some currencies may include a processing fee.


We do not charge a withdrawal fee; you only pay a small network fee for miners to quickly confirm your transaction in the blockchain.

Merchant Gateway

If you accept cryptocurrency payments through the Merchant API, the commission for receiving payments is 0.90% of the payment amount.

Currency Converter

This service is completely free. To obtain currency prices in real-time or convert amount between currencies, use our website or API interface.

Personal Wallet

Fees & Limits

Receive limit Withdrawal limit Deposit fee Processing fee Withdrawal fee
Any amount 1 Satoshi - 100 BTC 0,50% -- 0.0002 BTC
Any amount 1 Satoshi - 13000 BCH 0,50% -- 0.002 BCH
Any amount 1 Litoshi - 20000 LTC 0,50% -- 0.004 LTC
Any amount 1 DOGE - 17000000 DOGE 0,50% -- 5 DOGE
> Network fee 0.001 ETH - 1200 ETH 0,50%
The current processing fee when you receive from an external address.
~0.000252 ETH
~0.000252 ETH
Min ~10 USDT 1 USDT - 200000 USDT 0,50%
The current processing fee when you receive from an external address.
~5.35 USDT
~4.11 USDT

Since relaying payments to our main address requires Gas to process your personal wallet payments on the Ethereum network, we charge a processing fee for each transaction. This fee covers network fees. The exception is transactions within the Coinpay Wallet, as they are processed without sending coins to the blockchain.

The Gas Price may fluctuate throughout the day due to network overload, that's why we use floating commissions. The lower the Gas Price, the lower the network fee you will pay.

The minimum payment in ETH must be greater than the current processing fee; otherwise, we will not be able to process your transaction. If you receive ERC20 tokens, ensure that the transaction amount exceeds the current processing fee and is not below the minimum value.

In case you receive cryptocurrency from another Coinpay customer or through the Merchant API, processing fees do not apply.

Coinpay reserves the right to amend fees and limits from time to time.