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Easy way to send, receive and manage cryptocurrency


Coinpay Wallet

Use powers of the modern payment processor to receive, send and hold your cryptocurrency.


Link any Bitcoin address to your the Coinpay verified account, show everyone that your address is trusted.


Accept payments in cryptocurrency with low fees, personal customization and convert to stablecoin. Unlimited API.


Get a percentage of each transaction of invited users. Your reward is half of our income fees available during few years.

Developers API

Clear and simple coin payments RESTful API allows to manage of your business wallet from any platform.

Desktop and mobile Apps

Manage your the Coinpay account, accept and send payments anywhere with our apps for iOS, Android and PC.

Modern payment gateway for cryptocurrency payments

Coinpay simplifies any coin payments for internet business and websites, makes it easy to send and start accept directly Bitcoin or other secure crypto payments with modern Coinpay Wallet. Simple manage all their crypto currency in one place.

Coinpay is a fresh payment processor with a secure Payments API gateway that allow you'all to easily set up and accept most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum at your personal or corporate website with very low fees, directly to your most secure Coinpay Wallet.

Fee for incoming payments less than 0,50%. In addition the coinpayments wallet have a powerful API with original functionality by built-in services for personal and business payments.

Create your account to start accepting cryptocurrency based on modern coin payments.

Fees & Pricing


Personal Deposits Fee: 0.30%
Incoming Payments Fee: 0.40%
Transfer to Coinpay users: 0%
Withdrawals: 0.05% + TX fee
Issue BitCode: 0%
Limited API


Personal Deposits Fee: 0.20%
Incoming Payments Fee: 0.40%
Transfer to Coinpay users: 0%
Withdrawals: TX fee
Issue BitCode: 0%
Unlimited API
Store customization