Easily accept Bitcoin Ethereum and other crypto payments with trusted Merchant Gateway. Link your online business to robust e-commerce tools. Coinpay offers the simplest platform for accept and manage Bitcoin and other crypto

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Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, or USDT payments from customers worldwide effortlessly.

Fast integration

Easily integrate our cryptocurrency payment processor with any e-commerce website, application, or Telegram bot in just a few minutes. Simply create an account, confirm ownership, and you're all set!

Low fees

Our crypto payment gateway is a secure payment processor that allows you to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, with low fees to help you save money. Explore our fee structure for more details.

Easy setup

We provide a hosted checkout, payment buttons, and embeddable white-label invoices for your store. Additionally, our payments API seamlessly integrates with countless open-source e-commerce plugins.

Funds control

Easily receive, hold, or send digital cash anywhere. Seamlessly send crypto payments worldwide with bulk payouts. Buy or sell cryptocurrency with ease, and quickly swap your crypto assets.

Our crypto payment gateway enables you to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and other cryptocurrencies. Coinpay's payment processing employs robust security solutions, with the majority of funds securely held in cold storage.
Two-Factor Authorization SHA-2 SSL AES Encryption

Manage payments by Merchant API

Use Merchant API to create your own payment experience on your website

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Here are a few reasons why you should choose Coinpay

Crypto Wallet

Easy-to-use cryptocurrency payments


The crypto exchange calculator, price in real-time


Trusted cryptocurrency merchant gateway


Instant, easy buy or sell crypto with P2P exchange


Crypto payments for global business

Get high-performing payment solutions that drive revenue and enable effortless expansion.

Digital solution

From e-commerce stores, to subscription businesses, to platforms and marketplaces, we offer a complete stack for all your payments needs across channels.

Get started in minutes

Create an account online in minutes to use our API to securely accept payments. We'll seamlessly transfer your funds directly into your Coinpay account.

Optimize your revenue

Safeguard against fraud and boost authorization rates for every payment using our machine learning algorithms and trusted business data.

Scale globally

With cryptocurrency payments, Coinpay makes it easy to expand into new markets and offer your customers their preferred payment method, thereby increasing conversions globally.

Low transaction fee

Our commission structure is very simple: one low transaction fee for any incoming cryptocurrency payments. For details about pricing, please refer to the fees page.

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